Prof. Dr. Wahied Gharieb Ali Abdelaal Dean Of "Egyptian Academy For Engineering & Advanced Technology"


Dear students, teaching staff members, teaching assistants and the administrative workers of the Egyptian Academy for Engineering and Advanced Technology (EAEAT), an affiliate of the Ministry of Military production,

The Academy is one of the recent educational institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education. Students of EAEAT are awarded bachelor degrees in electrical engineering (the major of electronics and communications engineering), mechanical engineering (the major of mechatronics engineering) and chemical engineering (the major of chemical engineering).

The studying at the academy started in the academic year of 2015/2016 and it is expected that the Academy will have its first graduation party in 2020. The Academy has fully-equipped buildings, classrooms, engineering and chemical laboratories and sports fields. EAEAT always seeks to develop student services and automate various administrative and educational systems.

The academy aims at awarding bachelor degrees to distinct engineers in order to help them serving their country. EAEAT exerts the utmost effort and uses all material and human resources of the Ministry of Military Production to achieve the academy’s objectives of helping in the preparation and graduation of up-to-date engineers with outstanding scientific level and the skills required in the local, regional and international markets.

That is why the academy is focusing on developing the students’ skills in various arenas through continuous assessment and development as well as applying the quality assurance and making the objective of education is learning rather than teaching.

EAEAT has created a "Skills and Creativity Development Center" (SCDC) to hone students’ skills in English and computer programming, provide specialized technical courses in different fields and support the academy’s students in local and international competitions.

Talks with Cairo University’s engineering faculty and Ain Shams University’s engineering faculty are underway to ink memorandum of understandings to benefit from the two faculties’ expertise and capabilities.

EAEAT seeks to have a positive role in scientific research to help in developing manufacturing and production system. The academy always looks forward choosing teaching staff members who are not only distinguished in teaching skills but also distinguished in the scientific research at the same time. Such would lead the academy to have a leading experience in attaching the outputs of education to industry, having in mind that the academy, unlike other educational institutions in Egypt, has the access to the factories and companies of the Military Production Authority.

I wish you all every success and hope that the academy’s promising students will be supporters of this nation and an element of its development.

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