Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al-Assar Minister of State for Military Production

Dear students of the academic

IT is pleasure and honor to welcome you at the website of the Egyptian Academy for Engineering and Advanced Technology (EAEAT), one of the institutions which we are proud that it belongs to the Ministry of Military Production (MOMP) and which we strive to be a distinct educational and research monument in the field of engineering sciences and advanced technology. The ministry aims to this academy to be the long term, one of the best educational entities acclaimed locally, regionally and internationally for excellence in the field of engineering education and occupies a prominent position among the similar advanced academies, institutes ,colleges.

The Academy aims to refine the scientific , professional ,personal and research skills to students across a range of unique training programs based on innovation and constant development to keep up with the latest styles and techniques in the field of education, innovation and the development of human resources, where the academy aims to graduate distinct competencies of engineers who are able to meet the labor market requirements not only in Egypt but in the Arab world, through the possession of the capabilities keep pace with the steady development in the fields of high-tech disciplines pf electrical , mechanical and chemical engineering ,and equip them with the ability and intellect required for the acquisition of Knowledge and science throughout their lives.

We believe that education is a noble message promote the country and achieve national security , stability and protecting its destiny , hence our keen interest that includes academic elite group of university professors, faculty and export body , and who are developing courses that ensure students are supplied with all that is new in their field of study ,it is the Egyptian Academy of Engineering and advanced technology distinguishes it covers a distinct and atypical scientific disciplines needed by the industry system in Egypt and the Arab world whole, especially since the Academy not only in the study only the theoretical aspect , but are conducting summer training for students in Military production’s Factories , it has also been academic processing by a factor of specialist various highest level of modern technology and workshops, as well as we seek to hold conventions and twinning with international universities for cooperation in the field of teaching engineering sciences and the exchange of cutting-edge expertise Knowledge with them . And shared academic students in many student activities in various fields (art, sports…) allowing them the opportunity to get acquainted and acquire diverse life experiences, and so out of our commitment to offer a comprehensive educational service to our students.

We ask God to guide us in the Egyptian Academy for Science and Advanced Technology to remain a model for the establishment of Military Production role in the development of education and manufacturing system and so what possessed

This vital sector of human capabilities and advanced technological expertise and excellent training.

Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al-Assar

Minister of State for Military Production

Chairman of the Egyptian Academy

For Engineering and Advanced Technology