Course Assessment

The course assessment depends the level of student's performance during the semester, including quizzes, assignments, and exams, , or interact with the professor in the explanation halls or video or any other educational means to help student performance are continually assessed during the study of the course.

A final exam is to be held at the end of the semester to assess the student's performance during the semester, the ratio of this exam 40% of the total score. The course instructor is responsible to distribute the 60% semester's work among different activities in the framework of programs and courses and the adoption of the program coordinator characterization.

In order to be succeed in the course, the student is required to get at least 60% of the total score and to get 30% at least in the final exam, whether written or oral, or practical.

Prohibits the student from attending the final exam if the absence of hours of exercises and practical ratio exceeded more than 25%.

The student fails to pass the course, if the sum of his grades is less than 60% of total score, or he is denial of entry due to high rate of absence, or he did not attend the final examination without an accepted excuse by the academic administration.

Some courses, such as hands-on training and seminars evaluated on the basis of (Pass / Fail) are not included in the GPA calculation.