Academy, Developing present & Shinning Future  10, Sep, 2018

Egyptian Academy for Engineering & Advanced Technology, affiliated to Ministry of Military Production is considered one of the most important educational institutions in engineering field under the direct supervision of The Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research.

EAE&AT started its activity in academic year 2015/2016 competing with other private institutions depending on its financial & superior technical capabilities enhanced with enormous human resources.

EAE&AT grants a bachelor degree of credit hours system in engineering .Teaching process is supervised by the best Professors & Specialists in Engineering field supported with the most modern scientific & Educational courses in various Engineering Fields.

Educational process & its quality obeys the direct supervision of The Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research while matching EAE&AT’s mission & Vision which aims to carrying out a revolution in various engineering fields to provide an efficient engineering graduate capable to push the production wheel which contributes in serving the national strategy & impacts with benefit on Nation’s Economy .

EAE&AT provides Teaching & Learning to students relying on its financial capabilities represented in highly equipped infrastructure such as air-conditioned teaching rooms which is equipped with the most modern audio visual presentation systems, more and above competing with all Engineering faculties by obtaining a variety of labs including Chemical Labs which include: organic chemistry lab, inorganic chemistry lab, polymers lab, electro-chemical lab & instrumental lab. EAE&AT also provides a variety of integrated engineering labs such as: CNC lab, Mechatronics lab, automatic control lab in addition to Computer labs: such as Wireless internet lab, programming lab, AutoCAD lab & language lab.

All these capabilities are provided to support talents & capabilities of students in academy.

EAE&AT seeks to apply various educational systems in a scientific way through production engineering workshops which includes different welding workshops, Turning & Milling workshops.

EAE&AT supports its students by a specialized center “Skills & Development Center” which enables them to apply their projects & ideas besides developing their talents to innovate.

EAE&AT provides three Engineering specializations, Chemical Engineering -Chemistry section, Mechanical Engineering- Mechatronics section & Electrical Engineering- Communications section- from which students can select.

EAE&AT enhances recruit students of post-secondary stage by intensive courses in mathematics & physics.

EAE&AT supports sport talented students by providing them with an integrated healthy environment starts with medical care at the equipped clinic besides sports building such as Aslam international Stadium, in addition providing care to students’ different cultural & artistic talents at Aslam theatre which is considered one of the best equipped theatres in Egypt, in this context, EAE&AT periodically organizes scientific & Cultural seminars besides workshops. EAE&AT has organized along the past years: “Car Manufacturing” seminar presented by Prof. Dr. Sherief Hammad the Ex-Minister of Scientific Research in addition to seminar of “ Smoking & Drugs”, presented by Prof. Dr. Soaad Abulraheem – Researcher at National Centre of Researches, EAE&AT also organized a seminar of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” & how can Egypt get benefit of it, presented by the Egyptian Scholar Hani Mustafa- Canada’s representative in NATO & supervisor of Aviation at NASA , another seminar of “Brain-Machine Interfaces” was presented by Dr. Seif Aldulty –Professor of Ain Shams University. In addition to “Nerves Stress in Work-Time “presented by Dr. Naser Al-Maghrabi – The ex-Consultant Of Psychology at Military forces. , besides that EAE&AT has organized a seminar of “Nano Technology” presented by Dr. Ahmed Shalabi- Researcher at STCE, affiliated to Ministry of Military Production.

EAE&AT has provided a great concern students & scientific exchange with Educational, Technological Institutions & Similar Authorities since its establishment. In this context, EAE&AT has signed a cooperation protocol with Engineering faculties of “Cairo, Ain Shams Universities” besides to Faculty of Engineering at” Egyptian Chinese Universities(ECU)”, In Addition to a cooperation protocol with “Badr University in Cairo(BUC)” & a protocol with “Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport(ASTMT)”, affiliated to League of Arab States, Besides looking forward to cooperating with “Czech Technical University(CTU)” & “Amity – The Indian University”.

In Addition to the aforementioned, EAE&AT Cooperates with a variety of enterprises concerned in education of The Engineering Field such as “Fulbright commission in Egypt”, “Huawei- The Chinese Company”- and “German Academic Exchange Service”.

EAE&AT effectively contributes in service of local community by its provided support to innovation specially pre higher education stage & offers scholarships to superior students of secondary stage.

Actually, Egyptian Academy for Engineering & Advanced Technology (EAE&AT) is a forward step for those who have decided a better future to themselves.