Egyptian Chinese University protocol May 28 , 2018

Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al-Assar – Minister of Military Production- & Dr. Ashraf Al-shehy – President of The Egyptian Chinese University ( ECU ) - have attended the signature ceremony of the Cooperation protocol between Egyptian Academy for Engineering & Advanced Technology (EAE&AT), affiliated to Ministry of Military Production, from one side and Faculty of Engineering & Technology at The Egyptian Chinese University ( ECU ) from the other side.

Prof. Dr. Wahied Gharieb Ali Abdelaal – Dean of EAE&AT - & Prof. Dr. Ali Abdelrazik – Dean of Faculty of Engineering, ECU- have signed the cooperation protocol at the General Building of Ministry of Military Production.

Dr. Al-Assar declared that under this protocol it was agreed on a joint cooperation between EAE&AT & ECU in carrying out basic scientific & applied researches as reference to believing of both sides of the importance to link scientific research to industry besides the development of production & manufacturing system in Egypt in addition to preparing a generation capable to cope with knowledge, advanced technology & innovation.

Dr. Al-Assar added that by this collaboration EAE&AT will provide facilities to carry out students’ graduation projects at ECU enabling them to apply their innovative projects which will provide applicable industrial outcomes, relying on distinguished academic capabilities of EAE&AT, Dr. Al-Assar added that the capability of implementing the prime graduation projects of ECU students at Military production factories, is currently being studied.

Besides that, Dr. Al-Assar pointed to summer training & visits to Military Production factories which will be provided to ECU students in addition to holding workshops & Seminars, He also pointed to the mutual visits between teaching staff of both sides to exchange experiences.