International day of happiness Mar 19 , 2019

Egyptian academy for Engineering & Advanced Technology, affiliated to The Ministry of Military production, has organized a ceremony on the occasion of International day of Happiness & Mother’s Day to enhance the feeling of happiness & job satisfaction of teaching staff, teaching assistants & members of Administrative machinery besides appreciation of mother’s role urged by all religions.

The ceremony was held under auspices of Prof. Dr. Wahied Gharieb Ali – Dean of Academy- during which, he addressed the academy’s concern to provide social & psychological care of working staff besides their financial & occupational levels, Prof. Dr. Wahied also ensured on the spirit of tolerance & love among working staff which represents academy’s slogan of next stage.

Besides that, Prof. Dr. Wahied ensured on mother’s important role & our duty towards her obeying our religion’s teachings.

In the same context, Prof. Dr. Wahied honored academy’s working mothers.