Robotics & AI 2nd world Conference Jun 10 , 2019

Prof Dr. Wahied Gharieb Ali , Dean of Egyptian Academy for Engineering & Advanced Technology affiliated to the Ministry of Military Production, has attended the 2nd World Conference on” Robotics & Artificial Intelligence” in Osaka, Japan on 10 to 12 June 2019 so as to exchange of experience with a variety of researchers around the world.

During the conference, modern researches & practical applications were discussed as the following:

• Artificial Intelligence Evolution, Human Brain theory & how it works besides the development of computer sciences in same area and constructing modernized mathematical models with respect to the nature of human brain behavior.

• How it is important to construct artificial intelligence mathematical models & how it is adapted to manage complicated problems.

• The importance of upgrading Infrastructure Networks because of its further on dependency will be rapidly increasing in different areas especially after implementation of fifth communication Generation (5G) by which Communication latency in Internet of Things (IOT) will be eliminated which results to enhancement of Networks’ efficiency in different applications.

• Giving concern to Cloud Computing & its Applications in the fourth Industrial Revolution.

• How Artificial Intelligence contributes in the Development of Machine Learning to improve industrial robotics interface.

• 3D printing Technology to be applied on Manufacturing process of Artificial Limbs so as to satisfy cost reduction concept & saving losses in raw materials.

• Self-Driving Eclectic Cars & Adapting of 3D printing to build them.

• Law Making process to guarantee the privacy & proprietary of Artificial Intelligence applications.

Prof Dr. Wahied Gharieb Ali made a presentation of Intelligent Robots’ & its applications in the fourth industrial revolution.

During this presentation, Prof. Dr. Wahied Gharieb Ali discussed:

• The evolution of different industrial revolutions with respect to their advantage.

• Most important Characteristics of the fourth Industrial Revolution besides its applications in addition difference between the structure of current factories & forthcoming smart ones.

• Different applications of Robotics especially in Industry.

• Major Characteristics of intelligent Robotics applied in industry especially robots Collaborating with Humans to get full benefit of both advantages from the side of human brain & intelligent machines to accomplish different tasks which is expected to be continuously developed in future.

• Models of real products of intelligent robots collaborating with Human developed by different industrial leading companies.

By the end of the presentation, Prof Dr. Wahied Gharieb addressed the beginning of the Fifth Industrial Revolution, which depends on the beneficial collaboration between both human & intelligent machines via a secured information infrastructure.