4th annual ceremony Aug 5 , 2019

Egyptian Academy for Engineering & Advanced Technology, Affiliated to The Ministry of Military Production, has organized the fourth annual ceremony by the end of academic year 2018/2019 on 5th August in Academy's campus at Aslam City, Cairo.

The ceremony was honored by the attendance of Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al-Assar

(Minister of Military Production & Academy's President), Prof. Dr. Wahied Gharieb Ali Abdelaal (Dean of Academy), Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Almetyni (president of Ain Shams University), Prof. Dr. Sherif Hammad( former minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research) & representatives of Egyptian Universities & Cairo's Education authority. This 4th annual ceremony is considered a celebration of students' success & their achievements along the past academic year.

Prof. Dr. Wahied Gharieb Ali Abdelaal ensured on academy's concern to select superior professors & experts whom are concerned with courses' development to provide the student with an up to date studying material to ensure on the graduation of a sufficient, specialized student of Mechatronics engineering, Electronics & communications engineering and Chemical Engineering while satisfying the academy's vision to be a unique educational organization if the field of Engineering as well as ensuring on the applicability of academy's Learning & Research outcomes besides being of the highest level.

Prof. Dr. Wahied Gharieb pointed that EAE&AT is scientifically & practically qualifying their students as well as providing them with all highly equipped specialized Labs & workshops besides summer training at Military Production Companies in addition to encouraging students to participate in a variety of (sports, artistic etc… ) activities. Prof. Dr. Wahied also addressed that there is a continuous communication channel with the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research to get their feedback concerning to EAE&AT so as to guarantee the Education Quality at EAE&AT as well as enhancing the students to be able to satisfy market's requirements upon graduation.

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Almetyni praised the outstanding students, the exerted effort by The Ministry of Military Production to support the students and the continuous communication with The Ministry of Higher Education, indicating that his attendance comes from the side of supporting the students & estimating their efforts to success during the past year. He also clarified that Education at EAE&AT is based on linking between Industry & Scientific Research to develop the Manufacturing & Production Process which is currently aimed by Egypt so as to qualify a new generation capable to keep pace with the development of modernized Engineering Fields with its different specializations (Chemical, Mechanical & Electrical).

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Almetyni ensured that Ain Shams University is keen on the Cooperation with EAE&AT in scientific Research area. Almetyni also touched on the role played by The Ministry of Military Production to transform some of EAE&AT students' Research points to come into existence in applicable models which benefit Society & Industry.

Ministry of Military Production, President of Ain Shams University & Dean of Academy have honored the top ranked students in education besides cultural, artistic and sports activities, They also honored the outstanding Teaching staff. During the ceremony, Students have performed some artistic shows and then they were encouraged to keep on exerting much efforts on their study besides getting the full benefit of training at Military Production Companies to enhance their scientific & occupational skills committing to academy's slogan " Ethics .. Learning.. Work".

By the end of the ceremony, an exhibition of projects & Innovation models developed by academy's students & pre-university students was held by EAE&AT to support the innovators of different educational stages besides ensuring on the social role played by EAE&AT.