Is EAE&AT a private or governmental Institution?

EAE&AT is an Educational institution affiliated to The Ministry of Military Production and under supervision of The Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt.

Which services does EAE&AT provide?

EAE&AT grants Bachelor Degree in Engineering & provides Scientific, social, cultural & sports care to students.

Which Scientific Departments are available at Academy?

Mechanical Engineering Department, Mechatronics section.

Electrical Engineering Department, Electronics & Communications section.

Chemical Engineering, chemical section.

More Expansion in Departments & Specializations is probable along short term.

Is EAE&AT accredited?

EAE&AT is accredited from Ministry of Higher Education & Supreme Council of Universities.

Are Graduates eligible to join Engineering Syndicate?

Once students are graduated, they are eligible to join Engineering syndicate.

EAE&AT will be enrolled in Engineering Syndicate in 2020 by the first graduation of its students.

What are the enrollment conditions?

Obtaining Secondary stage certificate, Mathematics’ Section & satisfy the minimum required enrollment score pre-determined by Higher Education.

How to apply to Academy?

You can join us by applying to Altansik office online, just Select EAE&AT as #1 selection, stamp no. 169, it’s not a must to visit our campus.

Does Academy provide employment opportunities to Graduates?

First ranked students are eligible to be employed as teaching staff at academy, besides that, superior graduates are eligible to be employed on Companies & Factories affiliated to Military according to vacancies.