The academy obtained accreditation from the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance on 26/7/2023

Professor Fawzy Ibrahim Abdelghany Dean Of "Egyptian Academy For Engineering & Advanced Technology"

The Egyptian Academy for Engineering and Advanced Technology (EAEAT) is one of the educational institutions of the ministry of higher education and is affiliated to the Ministry of Military Production. EAEAT is very excited to have you as the newest members of our community. The Academy is committed to offering high quality curricula, nurturing the talents of promising students, and providing them with cutting-edge science and technology.

We are sure you will help keep our adherence to the motto of the Academy: "Ethics ... Science ... Work". We believe that education and science are a noble message that contributes to the country’s prosperity and preserves its national security.

Students of EAEAT are awarded bachelor degrees in electrical engineering (major of electronics and communications engineering), mechanical engineering (major of mechatronics engineering) and chemical engineering (major of chemical engineering).

Our members of academic staff are well recognized, both nationally and internationally, in the many areas of academia and industry that we interact with. We strongly believe that the academy should contribute to the cultural wealth of society by enhancing students’ various skills and developing the technology that will improve our overall quality of life.

The concept of education in the academy is based on connecting science and scientific research to industry in order to develop the production and manufacturing mechanism in Egypt. That is what the state is currently aspiring in order to qualify a new generation capable of keeping pace with the developments in modern engineering with its different specialties to compete in the global job market.

The academy offers its students opportunities to receive professional training inside the factories and companies of the military production during the summer. We are also seeking to conclude agreements and twinning with international universities for combined cooperation in teaching engineering sciences and the exchange of advanced intellectual experiences, allowing distinguished students the chance to study abroad.

To make your experience at the Academy unique and memorable, we organize several activities and events that all of you can enjoy and be part of.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at EAEAT.

Professor Fawzy Ibrahim Abdelghany

Dean of the Egyptian Academy for Engineering and Advanced Technology (EAEAT)