The academy obtained accreditation from the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance on 26/7/2023

Engineer / Mohamed Mohamed Salah Eldin Mostafa Minister of State for Military Production

My Sons And Daughters, Students Of The Egyptian Academy For Engineering And Advanced Technology,

It Is My Pleasure To Welcome You All Into The Academy’s Website. We Are All Proud Of The Academy As One Of The Educational Entities Affiliated To The Ministry Of Military Production; Since It Is An Educational And Research Edifice That Is Distinguished On The National And International Levels In The Field Of Advanced Engineering And Technology. We Are Seeking To Make The Academy One Of The Educational Entities Known For Its International Excellence Among Its Peering International Educational Establishments.

The Egyptian Academy For Engineering And Advanced Technology Aims At Graduating Elite Engineers With Great Potentials Who Assume Multiple Specialties Of Modern Engineering: Chemical, Electric And Mechanical. Such Engineers Are Capable Of Meeting The Demands Of The Job Market; Not Only In Egypt, But Also In All The Countries Of The Arab World.

We Are Keen On Refining The Scientific Skills Of The Students Of The Academy By Providing A Distinguished Group Of Training Programs Developed By The Faculty Members Who Represent An Elite Selection Of Professors And Experts In All Fields. They Are Selected According To The Standards Of Efficiency And Quality Of Scientific Research And Teaching. The Distinguished Programs Are Based On Constant Development And Innovation In Order To Keep Pace With The Latest Methods And Techniques In Education.

We Are Also Keen To Equip The Students Of The Academy With The Needed Skills To Acquire Science And Knowledge Throughout Their Scientific And Practical Careers After Their Graduation; So That They Will Always Be Able To Keep Pace With New Developments In Their Respective Careers

The Concept Of Education In The Academy Is Based On Connecting Science And Scientific Research To Industry And To Developing The Production And Manufacturing Mechanism In Egypt. That Is What The State Is Currently Aspiring In Order To Qualify A New Generation Capable Of Keeping Pace With The Developments In Modern Engineering With Its Different Specialties. From That Perspective And Within The Framework Of Our Interest In Cultivating Integration Among The Multiple Sectors Of Military Production And For The Purpose Of Refining The Practical Skills Of The Students And Preparing Them For The Job Market, The Academy Offers Its Students An Opportunity To Train Inside The Companies Of The Military Production In The Summer. We Are Also Seeking To Conclude Agreements And Twinning With International Universities For Combined Cooperation In Teaching Engineering Sciences And The Exchange Of Advanced Cognitive Experiences; In Addition Working Towards Providing Distinguished Students Opportunities For Student Exchange.

As We Are Performing Our Educational Part For You Through Providing Training Programs In All Fields; In Addition To Providing All Requirements Needed Such As Specialized Labs And Workshops Equipped With State Of The Art Educational Means; So That The Graduate Of The Academy Will Not Only Be Capable Of Operating And Monitoring Work, But Also Able To Innovate, Design And Execute In Order To Come Up With A New And Distinguished Product That Benefits The Society. We Are Also Keen On Maintaining A Constant Contact With The Ministry Of Higher Education To Receive Its Remarks Related To The Academy In Order To Assure Quality Educational Process.

We Don Not Only Suffice With Providing Scientific And Practical Training, But We Are Also Interested In Encouraging Our Students To Participate In Student Activities In Culture, Arts And Sports So That They Are Provided The Opportunity To Gain Life Experiences That Positively Shares In Refining And Reforming Their Personalities And Develop Within Them The Spirit Of Innovation And Group Work.

I Call Upon You To Set A Target For Yourselves To Utilize All Your Potentials In Order To Develop And Refine Your Scientific, Professional, Personal And Research Skills In The Various Stages Of Education; And Do Not Waste Any Opportunity To Acquire Science, Research And Knowledge.

I Assure You That It Is Important To Participate In Adopting The Slogan Of The Academy, Which Is "Ethics ... Science ... Work". We Believe That Education And Science Are A Lofty Message That Achieves The Prosperity For The Country And Preserves Its National Security. I Hope That You Will Follow The Example Of The Former Academy Graduates Who Have Represented Models That Invoke Pride In Their Possession Of Constructive Ideas, Persistence, Perseverance And Ability That Have Enabled Them To Achieve Success. It Is An Assurance Of The Tremendous Energy Of Youth. We, At The Academy, Welcome Every Young Man And Woman Who Have A Constructive Idea That Can Be Implemented. We Will Be Pleased When You Present Such Ideas And Visions.

My Dear Sons And Daughters, Students Of The Academy, I Wish You Success And Call Upon You To Exert More Effort And Do More Work In Order For You To Be On The Same Distinguished Level Of This Important Educational Edifice; So That You Become A Source Of Pride For Yourselves, Families And Your Beloved Country Egypt. You Are The Future And Our Hope In Achieving Prosperity And Scientific And Industrial Progress For Our Country

I Pray To Allah That The Egyptian Academy For Engineering And Advanced Technology Remains A Role Model And Continues To Perform Its Role As An Engineering Educational Mechanism That Assumes A Reputable Status In The Fields Of Higher Education. I Pray To Allah Almighty To Guide Our Steps Along The Path Of Truth.

Engineer / Mohamed Mohamed Salah Eldin Mostafa

Minister Of State For Military Production

Chairman Of The Board Of Directors Of The Egyptian Academy For Engineering And Advanced Technology