The academy obtained accreditation from the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance on 26/7/2023


The Egyptian Academy is a distinguished educational structure in engineering sciences and advanced technology in local, regional, and international levels aiming to achieve sustainable development through the improvement of manufacturing and production system


Upgrade educational and administrative services provided by the Egyptian Academy for Engineering and Advanced Technology, according to the local and international standards. Refining the scientific and professional skills of students, staff, and faculty members through continuous training programs. Imparting the research skills to alumni to keep pace with the era of information technology and communication technology through the transition from teaching to learning. Graduate distinguished engineers capable of met the needs of the labor market to develop the national manufacturing system. Continuous development and quality assurance through self-evaluation to achieve competitive value at all levels locally, regionally and internationally.

Strategic Goals

Ends & Strategic Aims


Preparing a distinguished graduate capable of competiting in different engineering aspects and meeting needs of the labor market locally and internationally

Reaching an accurate application for standards of local engineering education quality and keeping up with world standards

Developing the capacities of teaching staff members ' their skills and developing the employees performance in the academy

Pompting and raising the competency and effectiveness of the scientific research in the academy to achieve it's developmental and national goals.

Developing the role of the academy in serving the society for rising it

Strategic Aims

1. Developing the infrastructure and improving the educational and technological environment of the academy to suit modern methods of teaching and learning.

2. Developing the academy's programs with curricula and courses commensurate with developments in the local and international labor market.

3. Encouraging students to maximize the role of self- and active learning and to use international references in learning.

4. Introducing the system of continuing engineering education to ensure raising the efficiency of graduates, which is reflected in the development of the engineering profession.

5. Continuous communication and support for graduates.

6. Providing all the possibilities to obtain accreditation from the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation, and to achieve sustainable quality.

7. Commitment to the National Academic Standards (NARS), with reference to international programs of comparable institutions when developing academic programs, and commitment to developing comprehensive and periodic review systems.

8. Increasing awareness of the quality system and its developments related to the National Authority for Quality Assurance in Education and Accreditation (NAQAAE).

9. Continuous development of the quality assurance unit.

10. Follow-up performance and continuous evaluation of the academy's quality system.

11. Developing programs and plans to develop the capacities of academic leaders, faculty members, and employees.

12. Providing an appropriate environment that encourages faculty and staff members to excel and innovate.

13. Developing the academy's research plan on an ongoing basis to serve the academy's vision and mission and achieve its goals.

14. Encouraging research with applied goals.

15. Organizing distinguished international scientific conferences and seminars.

16. Increasing the effective participation of all categories of the Academy in providing the necessary care for the different segments of society.

17. Community service and development of the environment surrounding the academy.