The academy obtained accreditation from the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance on 26/7/2023

Academic Advisor

Registration and Academic Advising Committee
Committee formation
1.Principal faculty member
2.Academic advisor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, member
3.Academic advisor, Department of Electrical Engineering, member
4.Academic advisor, Department of Chemical Engineering, member
5.Information systems specialist, information systems management member
Tasks of the Committee
Introduce the academic regulations, laws and administrative regulations followed in the academy and the fields and study opportunities it provides to students to help them choose the majors that suit their abilities and capabilities and agree with their tendencies and desires, as well as assisting them to proceed in the study process regularly and in the best possible way and to overcome the penalties and difficulties they face from the beneficiaries of the services and the possibilities that the academy provides them to the fullest.
Committee terms of reference
1.Develop a proposal for study schedules for each semester.
2.Develop a proposal for the mid-term and end-of-semester exams schedule.
3.Organizing and setting up traffic and monitoring committees for exams.
•The distribution plan for the heads of the traffic and control committees for the mid- and end-of-semester exams.
•The distribution plan for the assistant heads of the traffic and control committees for the mid- and end-of-semester exams.
•Plan to distribute observers to committees.
4.Distribute new students to academic advisors in the departments and publish lists on bulletin boards and on the Academy's website.
5.Supervising the registration of academic subjects and following the requirements and procedures for registration, deletion and addition of subjects.
6.Supervising the implementation of the academic guidance plan in the departments.
7.Follow up the students registered in each department, while adhering to the minimum and maximum credit hours according to the Academy's instructions and study regulations.
8.Follow up the students' academic achievement and guide them academically and educationally.
9.Solve problems and difficulties related to their scientific specializations and school life, and introduce them to school regulations and educational ethics.
10.Consider the students' problems raised by the counselors.
11.Clarify the goals of the academy and study and the values regulating them.
12.Helping students understand the nature of curricula and courses.
13.Informing students of all the rules and instructions related to the academy system in terms of the specific percentage of absence and acceptable and permitted excuses, as well as informing them of all the permissible and prohibited rules of conduct on the campus of the academy.
14.Follow up on the files of distinguished students and urge them to continue their excellence and to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way, as well as encourage them through special programs for them.
15.Follow up the files of defaulting students or those expected to falter and develop appropriate plans for them.
16.Follow up on students who are frequently absent from lectures.
17.Supervising students' accounts and solving registration problems.
18.Supervising the accounts of faculty members and the supporting body.
19.Supervising the support services provided to faculty members and students in all aspects of e-learning.
20.Continuous development of all e-learning operations and activities at the Academy and submitting a detailed report to the concerned head.
21.Survey of students' opinions about their satisfaction with academic advising and the registration process.