The academy obtained accreditation from the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance on 26/7/2023

Mission & Aims



Qualifying a distinguished graduate who is able to compete at all levels, and keeps pace with the continuous developments of the labor market, which makes him able to obtain a distinguished job opportunity.


Continuous communication with academic graduates, and to provide training opportunities that enable them to keep up with and to contribute to the labor market in an attempt to find employment opportunities through the cooperation between the academy and the labor market.


Objectives Aims

• Communication between the Academy and its graduates by establishing a database for the Academy alumni.

• Activating the unit's website to easily communicate with graduates, and increase the number of beneficiaries of the services provided by the unit.

• Work to find training opportunities for graduates of the Academy on an ongoing basis in companies, centers and industrial institutions that allow them to qualify, practical training and direct contact with work sites.

• Holding the annual graduate employment forum.

• Benefiting from college graduates in developing students ’skills through workshops and various training programs, as well as benefiting from their support for the academy.

• Guiding and advising final years students on the mechanism of obtaining a job opportunity by organizing periodic workshops in this regard.

• Study professional problems beside the needs of the labor market, and use them in developing study programs and courses, through questionnaires related to graduates.

• Issuing electronic and paper guidebooks for college graduates.

• Creating opportunities for direct communication with the labor market vocabulary.