The academy obtained accreditation from the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance on 26/7/2023

Academic warning- Separating - Improving GPA

If the student's GPA is dropped to less than 2.0 in any semester, he is to be given an academic warning to improve his rate to 2.0 at least.

The student who has been warned academically before is to be dismissed, if his cumulative GPA drop is less than 2 for six main successive semesters.

If a student did not achieve graduation conditions during the maximum of ten-years study, he will be Dismissed.

The academic council can granting a student who is to be dismissed as a result of not being able to upgrade his cumulative GPA rate to 2, at least one last chance duration of two semesters to allow him to upgrade his GPA to 2 and to achieve the graduation requirements if he has successfully completed 80%, at least, of his credits hours for graduation.

A student is allowed to re-study courses that has already successed in, in order to improve his GPA. After the re- studying, the final exam grade the student gets, is the one to be given to him, with a maximum of five course if the improvement is only for the purpose of removing the academic warning or to achieve the graduation requirements. In all cases, the two grades are both to be mentioned in the academic record.