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Calculation Of Average GradePoints(GPA)

If the student re-study a course he has already studied and got grade (F), he is to be given the grade by which he gets in the re-exam up to a maximum of (B+), and when calculating the cumulative GPA rate, the final grade is the one to be recorded, whereas both grades are to be mentioned in the student's academic record.

The points obtained by the student in each course are calculated as the number of credit hours for the course multiplied by the points earned by the student, depending on the scale of assessments.

The average points of the semester (Semester GPA) is Calculated by dividing the total number of points obtained by the student in this semester by the total credit hours of the courses.

The average cumulative (Cumulative GPA) points is Calculated at the end of each semester by dividing the sum of all points of the courses taken by the student by the total credit hours of these courses.