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Credit Hour System

Credit Hour System

One credit Hour is equivalent to one lecture hour, or two tutorial hours or tree practical (laboratory) hours. The English language is the main language to study in EAEAT. The bylaw in this document declares the assigned credit hours of lectures, tutorial, and practical work for each course. The following table shows the successive levels in the study plan, depending on the percentage of completed program hours by the end of each level:

Study Level zero:

Student position --->-->-->-->--> freshman

Completed program hours -->--> 0%-20%

Study Level one:

Student position --->-->-->-->--> sophomore

Completed program hours -->--> 20%-40%

Study Level two:

Student position --->-->-->--> Junior

Completed program hours --> 40%-60%

Study Level three:

Student position --->-->-->--> Senior -1

Completed program hours --> 60%-80%

Study Level four:

Student position --->-->-->--> senior -2

Completed program hours --> 80%-100%

Whenever the student completed 20% of the program hours, he will be promoted to the higher level.

Semester's GPA: is the average score of all courses studied by student at the end of the semester.

Accumulative GPA: is the average score of all courses studied by student at the end during his study in EAEAT.

Prerequisite: Is the course to be studied before enrolling in another course, depending on the course.