Deletion Addition And Withdrawal

A student may change the courses already registered to another ones, within two weeks maximum from the beginning of the main semester or after a week in the summer semester.

The student has the right to withdraw from any course within eight weeks after the beginning of the Semester during the main semesters and during the four weeks of the summer semester and is not listed tuition fees. His credit rating is to be (W).

The student who wants to withdraw after an eight-week period for the main semester or four weeks of the summer semester for any accepted excuse, he has to submit a demand to the education and student affairs office and get approval and he cannot return the tuition fees. In case of accepted demand, the grade will be (W).

withdrawing the student does not re-fund the fees. He can restore the course where it was registered in the semester for later study and a test after payment of the prescribed educational service charge. The student in this case is not faild and he takes grade (W)