The academy obtained accreditation from the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance on 26/7/2023

Honors And Awards Of Excellence

The student is awarded Honors if his GPA is at least 3.3 for the achievement of such a rate through all studied courses, in addition he must not earned a rating F in any studied course during his study in the Academy.

When a student of the top thirty students of the Egyptian General Secondary School - Specialization Mathematics, he will be exempt from all fees and tuition during the next semester, and this exemption remains valid as long as the student earned with a GPA equal to 3.6 or more.

The academy encourages talented (outstanding) students by offering a gradual reduction of tuition fees in proportional to GPA, and announced at the beginning of each semester a list of outstanding students and ratios to reduce expenses for each student, according to the rules of the financial regulations of the Academy.