The academy obtained accreditation from the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance on 26/7/2023

Prof. Dr. Wessam Mahmoud Abdelaziz Mahmoud Hussein Vice Dean For Society And Environment Affairs

The community service and environmental development sector at the academy is one of the important and basic sectors in the academy’s organizational structure because of its tasks and responsibilities. As it activates the role of the state and the academy in solving community problems and contributing to development issues in addition to many goals. The community service and environmental development sector is the window through which the academy overlooks the surrounding community. To find out the real problems of this community and to find practical solutions to them, which ultimately leads to the development of the community to be able to keep pace with progress.

The community service and environmental development sector in the academy is also concerned with providing an atmosphere of Mutual trust and dual benefit between the academy and the community. Our ambitions are limitless, and we seek a future in which we will be partners to the community and a house of expertise for them. So that the community will be the main supporter and funder of our scientific research and projects, and the first beneficiary of this partnership.

At the end of my speech. I invite all societal parties from civil society, institutions of all kinds and activities, my fellow faculty members, all the staff, and my sons and daughters students at the academy to actively participate in all activities and programs provided by the community service and environmental development affairs sector to achieve the maximum rates of benefit and community participation.

God grants success.