The academy obtained accreditation from the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance on 26/7/2023

Education And Student Affairs

1- Receiving new students at the beginning of each year, completing their files, following up on the payment of tuition fees and registering academic courses.
2- Follow up on the payment of tuition fees and registration for all levels and specializations.
3- Obtaining all the certificates and forms that students need to submit to an external party (proof of registration / statement of status / statement of grades /.............).
4- Follow up on all incoming and outgoing correspondences from the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Military Production.
5- Postponing the recruitment of all male students.
6- Planning, preparation and follow-up for the implementation of summer training (2,1) for students of the Academy in military production companies and other training bodies (public sector, private sector).
7- Preparing for military education courses for male students.
8- Review the student registration forms to confirm the validity of the registration.
9- Participate in preparing schedules for lectures and exams.
10- Uploading the schedules of lectures and exams on the Student Affairs System (SIS).
11- Preparing for theoretical exams and preparing examination committees.
12- Preparing the statistics for the exams and handing them over to the control units of the scientific departments.
13- Applying the academic warning to students through the counter of student lists with a semester average of less than 2 at the end of each semester and handing them over to the departments and communicating with parents and students.
14- Review and update all student data on an ongoing basis.
15- Dividing Students into different specializations according to the criteria set by the Education and Student Affairs Committee.
16- Follow up on the financial position of the students on a regular basis with the Academy’s Accounts Department.
17- Making personal identification cards for students the first of each year.
18- Follow up the absence of students with the departments.
19- Preparing all statistical data for students and providing them to the competent authorities.
20- Receiving all petitions and working on solving them through the Student Support Office (SSO).