The academy obtained accreditation from the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance on 26/7/2023

Vision & Mission & amis


That the Quality Unit in the Academy be a continuous source to achieve comprehensive quality, gain the confidence and satisfaction of the beneficiaries at all levels, and contribute to the development of the various activities of the Academy to bring it to accreditation, in a way that leads to raising the efficiency of institutional capacity and educational and research effectiveness.


Spreading the culture of quality and contributing to the continuous improvement of the Academy's performance in line with its academic mission and strategic objectives in order to achieve comprehensive quality, raise the level of competence and competitiveness, and provide a distinguished specialist engineer with the confidence of the local and regional community


• Enabling the Academy to achieve its mission and strategic goals.

• Graduating a distinguished engineer within specialization and gaining the confidence of the local and regional community in academy’s education quality.

• Apply national academic standards and establish a reciprocal relationship with the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Authority locally.

• • Providing scientific research to develop the manufacturing and production system.

• Spreading the culture of quality and awareness of the importance of implementing evaluation programs among all employees of the Academy and its various departments.

• Contributing to community service and environmental development.