PHD. Hanaa M. Aly Chief. Dep. Word

Chemical Engineering Department

It is an engineering branch in which physical sciences, applied mathematics, and economics are combined together to design, operate, maintain, and revamp processes. Experiments done in the lab or in small scale pilots needs chemical engineering to be developed and to be applied in large scale industries.

Chemical Engineers:

Chemical engineers are responsible for designing processes from scratches, they are also operating the process in any factory, and making sure that it is achieving the highest possible efficiency. Chemical engineers can maintain and revamp a processes to make it more economical.

Oil and Gas industries needs chemical engineers to deal with the crude oil, so they can separate it from contaminants, then, convert it to light and heavy fractions and then use several processes to get the final end use product from each fraction. Chemical engineers can design the whole process for any chemical plant, not only that but they know how to maximize the profit and minimize the raw material and energy consumption.

Water treatment plants needs chemical engineers to design, operate, and maintain the whole plant. Water treatment projects can vary from surface and subsurface water treatment to sewage treatment, and the product from these plants can be used for irrigation or for human consumption.

Green Process engineering is a new trend in Engineering in which chemical engineers have to take into consideration the environmental impact of the processes in different factories, and redesign the processes, choose different raw material or reagents used in the process to minimize the effect on our mother nature.

Chemical Engineers can work in nearly every sector in the world, their knowledge can be used in any branch, aerospace, biomedical, environmental and military industries are some examples of other engineering branches which need the experience of a chemical engineer to design their process, to operate their factories, and to enhance their production.