The academy obtained accreditation from the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance on 26/7/2023

PHD.Shereen M. Samir Abdel-Hamid Chief. Dep. Word

The Egyptian Academy for Engineering and Advanced Technology (EAEAT), an affiliate of the Ministry of Military production, is one of the recent educational institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education. EAEAT has started in the academic year of 2015/2016 and the study schedule is four years. EAEAT awards the bachelor degrees in three branches: electrical engineering (electronics and communications), mechanical engineering (mechatronics) and chemical engineering. .

EAEAT main objective is the preparation and graduation of up-to-date engineers with outstanding scientific level and skills required in the local, regional and international markets. EAEAT is hiring a specialized staff and administration. EAEAT is fully-equipped with buildings, classrooms, engineering and chemical laboratories in addition to sports fields. EAEAT aims to develop student services and automate various administrative and educational systems. EAEAT spends the greatest effort making use of all material and human resources of the Ministry of Military Production to achieve the academy’s objectives.

Unlike other educational institutions in Egypt, EAEAT has an access to the factories and companies of the Military Production Authority that help students making many field trips as well as doing the summer training program. The summer training schedule is 3 times with a 5 weeks period per time. EAEAT is also applying the continuous assessment and development as well as the quality assurance program, under the main heading: less teaching and more learning. EAEAT seeks to have a positive role in scientific research to help in developing manufacturing and production system. EAEAT is a promising academy for a promising engineers under the logo: Ethics – Education - Work .

PHD.Shereen M. Samir Abdel-Hamid

(Vice Dean for education and student affairs)