The academy obtained accreditation from the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance on 26/7/2023

Dr. Sameh Ghanem Salem Chief. Dep. Word

Within the department of electrical engineering, we provide a single program, the electronic and communication engineering, and plan to add more programs such as electrical power and machine engineering, computer and artificial intelligence engineering. We offer an interactive learning environment. We listen to all questions of our students and treat them with great care and respect. We also have excellent industrial training programs in a variety of industrial entities where students initiate projects with well-experienced engineers to design and construct different devices and systems. We also send our staff members to these industrial entities to mentor and support the students.

We prepare our graduated engineers to work on a variety of projects, such as computers, robots, cell phones, radars, navigation systems, and to employ computer-aided design (CAD) systems for the creation of schematics and to lay out circuits, to use computers for simulating how electrical devices and systems will function and to design and manufacture software. More and more, we prepare our students to perform image processing, speech processing, pattern recognition, embedded system designing, radio frequency designs, biomedical signal processing, and space and military applications.

We always keep developing ourselves to be up-to-date as a regional and international engineering educational institute. Since graduated engineers are our "end product" and will carry our name, we do all the best to well-prepare them in terms of knowledge, intellectual, personal communication and managing skills and we provide them with all kinds of support after graduation.