The academy obtained accreditation from the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance on 26/7/2023

Prof. Dr. Wessam Mahmoud Abdelaziz Mahmoud Hussein Chief. Dep. Word

The mechatronics degree program in the Egyptian Academy of Engineering and Advanced Technology (EAE&AT) is a hands- on, engineering focused five year program accredit by the higher education counsel in Egypt.

What is mechatronics?

Mechatronics blends mechanical, electrical and computing technology with automated control and information systems.

A mechatronics engineer works with mechanical devices that incorporate mechanical, electrical, computer and software components, such as robots, automated guided systems, computer-integrated manufacturing or other “smart” devices.

Mechatronics at EAEAT

The interdisciplinary curriculum for EAEAT mechatronics engineering program includes instruction in mechanical engineering, electronic and electrical engineering, computer and software engineering and control engineering.

EAEAT mechatronics engineering program is passed on a rich history of providing students with relevant, hands-on activities. Many courses include laboratory based activities that allow students to work with components, systems and technology to reinforce concepts covered in class lecture.