About SDC

  • Skills Development & Creativity Center (SDC) is a distinguished educational established in 2016, and affiliated to the prestigious educational institution Egyptian Academy of Engineering & Advanced Technology (EAE&AT)
  • EAE&AT belongs to the Ministry of Military Production and under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt
  • (SDC) is promoted to organize programs that cultivate proficiencies in creative thinking, soft skills development and problem solving abilities to achieve future positive changes


The Skills Development & Creativity Center (SDC) is a nationally prominent center, recognized for igniting creative thinking as an essential life skill


The Skills Development & Creativity Center (SDC) nurtures the creativity that ia vital to the enrichment of modern engineering prospective. SDC fosters students’ resolve to pursue excellence. SDC credentials creativity through diverse programs that cultivate skills in creative thinking, soft skills enhancement, and support academic engagement, learning, and success.

SDC objectives:

The main SDC goals could be depicted as follows:

  • SDC supports the integrated professional development of EAEAT students by offering them totally free of charges training courses in various programming and practical fields, organize seminars and workshops to enhance their skills, and promote education research
  • SDC provides professional development, resources, and recognition across the career span
  • Offer the engineers all requirements to design, simulate, and implement their projects in real-time
  • Assets the engineers to develop the design verification & validation procedures, to enhance their practical skills
  • Provide a good environment to ehance the teamword spirit for the young engineers
  • Encourage the engineering practical skills, by offering all required tools and measuring devices to develop their experiments hardware in a specializes lab 'Creativity lab'
  • Encourage the competition spirit among engineers by offering remarkable opportunity to participae in local and abroad scientific engineering competitions through the gate of 'Student Community Group (SCP)'

SDC Activities:

SDC initiates the following certified training courses:such as:

  1. MATLAB/Simulink
  2. Robotics (Line follower)
  3. Microcontroller
  4. CNC machines
  5. Phonetics & General English
  6. Phonetics & General English
  7. English Language, Presentation Skills & Technical Writing

SDC initiates the following workshop:such as:

  1. Robotics workshop
  2. NI workshops

Labview Academy:

  1. EAE&AT holds a labview academy certified by National Instruments (NI) American company, thus has the ability and credibility to conduct all the Labview academy courses
  2. SDC organizes Labview courses (Core I & II). Each student will be awarded a certificate accredited from National Instruments USA when accomplishing the course successfully
  3. EAE&AT students have the right to take advantages off all announced courses for free
  4. Regarding the non EAE&AT students, they will be charged for each course according to the announced fees

Student communities programe (SCP):

It acts as a gate for students to help them to participate in local and abroad scientific engineering competitions. This is to enhance their creative thinking in professional applied engineering projects